Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Dave Sifry announced Technorati's redesign and change of focus today. I believe this is a good move on their part to expand their services to meet the changing landscape of this new media world.

Steve Rubel is spot on about "Blog Search is Dead and Google Killed It"

Over the past several months, I have found Google's blog search slowly improving while Technorati's search results have been declining in quality. It seems to be that Technorati has kept up with indexing many of the older blog posts and content. Their search isn't as deep any more. I've always believe if Google ever dedicated real resources to their blog search that Technorati would suffer, and I assume we will eventually see this unless Technorati keeps taking steps like this in the right direction.

Robert Scoble shows himself to be a bit weak on the analysis part again. His view is on the opposite end of Rubel's: "If Technorati can beat Google, why can’t Microsoft or Yahoo?"

Technorat beat Google? Is he a New Jersey boxing judge? I guess that's why he's a marketing guy. It's almost amusing that he states, "I have a feeling that their valuation just went up about $500 million. At least." Huh? Hello? Who would buy Technorati at that price? Also I wonder if he's tried his old company's search engine? It's pretty good and sometimes better than Technorati on blog search. Test it out.

Anyway, here's more from TechCrunch.

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