Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Ben Casnocha is an amazing teenager who started a technology company, Comcate, when he was 14 years old. His book came out this Monday, so buy it now! From the several times I've met him and interacted with him online, I found Ben to be a grounded person of good character. Humble (ignore his photo on the book blog:) for someone that accomplished much so early in his life.

"The book is my own story of entrepreneurship written in way that can inspire and aid other entrepreneurs to start their own businesses, or simply become CEO of their own lives. In addition, guest essays by distinguished business leaders offer an interesting perspective on the ideas I present."

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"You will enjoy this provocative, honest, and fun romp through an entrepreneurial achievement, which will leave you determined to embark on your own enterprising endeavor - and inspired to find your own way to make a difference."
--- Marc Benioff, CEO and Chairman, Author of the book's foreword.

"I was blown away by how much learning Ben has packed into his (relatively) short entrepreneurial life - and how engagingly and effectively he passes it on in this book. This is such a fun read that you won't even realize how much you are learning. A must-read for first-time entrepreneurs, but equally enjoyable for fellow travelers who have already been down these roads."
--- Heidi Roizen, Managing Director, Mobius Venture Capital

"This book is extraordinary. I predict it will be a New York Times bestseller. While the world is filled with inspiring stories, there are few as insightful, enlightening, and powerful as Ben's."
--- Brad Feld, Managing Director, Foundry Group

"This book is a candid, hilarious, and surprisingly profound entrepreneurial guide-cum-autobiography...Casnocha has an easygoing, articulate and humane voice that already puts him in the upper echelons of "business" writers."
--- Stephen Silberman, Editor, Wired Magazine

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