Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Horrible story that is all over the press yesterday and today. May God be with the families and friends of the 30 people that were murdered and others affect by this disturbing act of violence.

CNN has more, "Police: Virginia Tech shooter an English major, 23"

Chicago Tribune has more information here and some insight into this disturbed person.

I will say it's weird that the authorities and most of the press were emphasizing that he was South Korean. They were also using the Korean format of placing his last name first. It's weird because he immigrated here 15 years ago, so I assume he would have considered himself American. Are they trying to place some distance between this act and their school or township? I guess it's understandable given the terrible actions by Cho.

CNET has an article on the impact of the blogosphere, "Journalists look to bloggers for Virginia Tech story"

ABC News, "Killer's Note: 'You Caused Me to Do This'"

UPDATE II: The Smoking Gun, "Virginia Killer's Violent Writings"
AND BBC NEWS, "University 'warned about gunman'"

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