Sunday, April 15, 2007


"My four pillars of American prosperity" by Rudy Giuliani

"Why I Think You Should Vote For My Dad" by Taggart Romney

"The lie that Bush lied" by Dinesh D'Souza

"Tout Seoul" (U.S./Korea Free Trade Agreement) HatTip to Mingi

"Scandal puts spotlight on Christian law school"

*I hate it when organizations don't hire the best people possible and lean heavily towards those with a common culture or some weak alumni connection. While there is some need for this type of hiring in political organizations, it's disappointing to hear that the Bush went a little overboard and hired more than 150 graduates of Regent University's law school since 2001. While I'm sure there are some bright and capable professionals from Regent, I highly doubt those were the best people that Department of Justice could hire.

"Why Cisco Bought WebEx"

"Has the Internet killed newspapers, magazines, music and video?" by Don Dodge

"CIOs Spurn Web 2.0 Startups - Enterprises Want Suites and Large, Incumbent Software Vendors"

"How To Live Up to the Innovation Hype"

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