Friday, August 4, 2006


Another two weeks went by without a post which is lame on my part even if I'm not sleeping :) So I'll take step forward today in the right direction.

Anyway, BusinessWeek has an amusing article called "Valley Boys" putting a spin on the renewed entrepreneurism and energy in Silicon Valley. It focuses on the young, sexy, founders of companies, such as Digg. As I was reading this article, I realized that this sucks for us.

Our startup, GoingOn, is a bunch of old, middle-aged farts. I'm the youngest at 35 and then you have Carl and then we have Tony and Chris, who are in their upper forties. If GoingOn takes off, will BusinessWeek cover us? No. And definitely not Vanity Fair or GQ.

We do not have sex appeal. Zero. Maybe we should hire some hip twenty-somethings to be our public images? Or at least be our body doubles :)

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