Thursday, June 8, 2006


Best line I heard from a liberal friend today was, "There are more Zarqawis and terrorists to come anyway because of us (U.S.)..." Eh?

Yeah, and all those Iraqis and other Middle Easterners seeing suicide bombers kill innocent Iraqis will think less about the choices they have and commit to a fanatical cause. Before it was attacks on just foreigners that created a separation of relatedness but killing innocent Muslims and fellow countrymen places a whole another perspective on the average rational person in Iraqi, Iran, and elsewhere.

Anyway, here are a few posts on this big win for freedom and democracy:

"Al-Zarqawi is Dead" Rich Karlgaard

"Zarkawi is dead - goodbye, good riddance, you human nightmare!" Roger Simon

"Zarqawi, Spinning in His Grave" (amusing liberal bloggers trying to spin this)

Pajamas Media Coverage

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