Sunday, June 11, 2006

Buytaert, Cleary and Feld Join GoingOn As Advisors

It's always a great feeling as an entrepreneur to receive confirmation of your vision and company from customers, partners, industry leaders, and really smart people. So over the past couple weeks our team has received such confirmation and I'm very stoked to announce that Dries Buytaert, Bill Cleary, and Brad Feld have joined GoingOn Networks as advisors.

Since our team has significant experience in building new companies, I would say that we're selective in who we ask as advisors, especially since most of us had at least one bad experience with advisors who simply lent their name and did nothing else. Also for our three new advisory board members, we know they do not readily lend their time and name, so we are truly honored to have them join our team.

To give you some more insight into our excitement, here are a few words about each person:

Dries Buytaert is the founder of Drupal, a leading open source CMS platform that the GoingOn platform was built upon. We look forward to working with Dries and will have some cool plans to announce on our involvement with the Drupal community in the near future.

Bill Cleary was co-founder the CKS Group, which went public and eventually merged with USWeb, and current founder of Cleary & Partners. He was instrumental in launching several major web brands from the first boom including Yahoo!, eBay, and He believes in our vision and how we can transform the corporate marketing landscape and the way people do business through GoingOn.

Brad Feld is Managing Director at Mobius Venture Capital and the most active venture capitalist in the blogosphere. His insights into our space and advice on our operations are things we truly value from him. We're very lucky to have Brad and the rest of our advisors helping us build GoingOn into a great platform and company!

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