Friday, March 10, 2006


"Political bloggers may get federal protection"
Bloggers would be largely immunized from hundreds of pages of confusing federal regulations dealing with election laws, according to a bill approved by a House of Representatives panel on Thursday.
This was definitely needed.

"Alabama church fires started as a 'joke,' investigators say"
Whatever. "Sorry, I just shot your father and mother... it was a joke. Sorry, I just burned your house down... it was a joke. We were drunk and it was funny at the time." Serious idiots in the world.

"Google buys Web word-processing technology"
This is the second time (Measure Map the first) I'm wondering if an acquisition for Google was just as much about time and talent acquisition as the product itself. Writely as a product seems fairly easy to create for the programming talent at Google, but maybe there was something about the individuals the corporate development team and senior engineers liked about their team. Or maybe no one at Google wanted to give up their 20% time to develop a word processing program? :)

"Intel feeds virtualization's need for speed"
Just learning about this space recently. Virtualization could be the next big thing within the PC industry.

"The World According to Marc"
Steve Gillmor interviews Marc Canter, our advisor and headache :). This was actual a decent interview and shows Marc's strength as an idea guy. His voice was actually pleasant for me to listen to since I'm use to hearing, "Dude, throw me some shekels!"

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