Monday, March 20, 2006

My Google Maps Mashup Wishlist

Sitting in my bookmarks were two articles highlighting the growth of map mashups. One was on the mashups of TV shows, such as Jacktracker which follows "24" star Jack Bauer throughout an episode and "Geography of Seinfeld."

The other article focused on a new startup, Platial, that allows you to easily create your own personal mashmaps.

So I should get on Platial and start creating some mashups that would be of interest to me:

- Kickass burger joints in Chicago and the U.S.
- Kickass delis in NYC (minimum 1 lb. of meat in a sandwich)
- Kickass burrito stands in LA and everywhere (burritos have to be as big as a human head)
- Best noodle houses in Hong Kong and Shanghai
- Best sushi restaurants in the world
- Best BBQ places in Seoul
- Best steakhouses in Chicago and the U.S.
- Best foot massages in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Asia (my wife is into these. they hurt my feet, which is a sign of bad health. see above)
- Best pickup basketball courts in the U.S. (hours and lighting info included)

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