Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Very interesting interview in WSJ's Startup Journal of Ken Yancey, CEO of SCORE, whose nonprofit provides marketing and other advice to entrepreneurs. Not sure if Ken is the best person to head such an organization or whether SCORE is an effective organization. The first question and answer immediately brought these questions to my mind:

What's the most common question you get about marketing from new business owners?

The most common question is: How do I create awareness, buzz and drive traffic to my business products or services? There are any number of ways that can be done. There's traditional advertising promotion through newspapers, the Yellow Pages and other things of that nature.

Advertising through newspapers, Ken? You mean the ones that are losing circulation numbers year after year? Yellow pages? You mean that big book that sits in my closet and I look at maybe once a year and think about using once a year as a weapon against a potential intruder in my home? I think Ken is still living in the '80s. Maybe even '60s. Maybe SCORE found him in a time capsule that was buried for forty years. Holy Austin Powers.

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