Monday, January 30, 2006

Gate Reminds Skype's Niklas Why He's Still Ruler of the Tech Domain

There hasn't been much drama over at the World Economic Forum this year. It closed without much bang and noise from Davos. No Easton Jordan with a loose tongue, and I didn't get any inside scoop since Tony couldn't attend this year since his wife is expecting soon. I assume the Accel/Google/(AlwaysOn... not this year) party was still one of the hot parties.

SixApart's Loïc Le Meur was the official blogger for the World Economic Forum this year and he had a fair amount of good interviews with various attendees, so check out the WEF blog. Here is his final interview with Klaus Schwab, the founder and Executive Chairman of the WEF.

Fortune had their, "Davos Dispatches from the World Economic Forum," where I found one incident a bit amusing:

Zennstrom, who recently sold his Skype Internet phone service to Ebay for $2.6 billion, says that Skype has been in business for 3-1/2 years... and in that time has signed up 75 million users. I'm floored by the sheer scale of that, until Gates brings us back to earth. He jumps in and asks, How many of the 75 million are paying customers? Zennstrom doesn't say (or mumbles it out in a way I can't catch) but their exchange launches a terrific conversation about building free Web products that generate truly enormous user bases then monetize them.

Tom Evslin has some notes, links, and an excerpt from his blook related to the World Economic Forum, which is very entertaining.

Finally, the WEF has a summary of notes from this year's event here.

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