Monday, January 30, 2006


From Business 2.0. A couple examples:

Winner, Dumbest Moment, Accounting
The irony is rich. Shareholders, alas, are not.

In June, H&R Block announces a review of its recent financial statements, estimating it will find discrepancies in its favor of about $19 million. Two months later it reveals that the review found $77 million in errors -- in the other direction. The company explains that it had "insufficient resources" to identify and report complex transactions in its corporate tax accounting.

Winner, Dumbest Moment, Marketing
No joke here. Just suffice it to say that the literal translation of the Spanish word cajeta is "little box."

With the help of Latin pop sensation Thalia Sodi, Hershey introduces Cajeta Elegancita, a new candy bar for the Hispanic market. Though the wrapper features a picture of Sodi, apparently she neglects to fill her Yanqui partners in on a subtlety of Spanish: In Mexico, "cajeta" can be used to mean "nougat." Elsewhere in the Spanish-speaking world, however, it's slang for female anatomy. (full list)

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