Sunday, December 18, 2005


The Hotline's Blogmeter has a round up of some thoughts last week's Iraqi election:

From the right -- Wizbang's Jay Tea compares the war to a long family car trip: "As the Iraqi elections wound down, I took a quick survey of some of the left end of the blogosphere. And I noticed" the "endlessly repeating ... mantra about 'bringing the troops home,' like annoying kids in the back seat with their endless queries of 'are we there yet? Are we there yet? How much longer?' And like those kids, as tempting as it is to turn around and smack them, we can't. But we can, at least, yell back at them." The Corner posts an e-mail from a "high-level muckety muck friend" at the WH who calls this "arguably the most successful and significant, election in Iraq" so far, in large part because of the Sunni participation. Captain's Quarters: "Those left out of the negotiations, such as the Zarqawi faction, obviously will continue to attempt their operations to disrupt the elections, but the lack of widespread violence may indicate that Zarqawi's ability to conduct such operations has been severely curtailed." CQ's Ed Morrissey also wonders why the major papers aren't editorializing about the election: "The RSS feed for the Opinion page at the Times just updated with tomorrow's articles. ... Wait -- perhaps one of their guests addresses it instead. Er, no." And the Washington Post? "The Washington Post editorial board passes on the elections as well. Instead, they talk torture, ANWR drilling, and a recount in Virginia's election for attorney general. ... The LA Times doesn't do much better."

Pajamas Media has a round up of Iraqi journalists & bloggers views on Iraqi elections here.

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