Sunday, December 18, 2005


Bob Wyman, PubSub's CTO, explains how Structured Blogging is a things you do and not so much a format... why is there a "format war" in the blogosphere? :) I think it's more of an ego war between Technorati and PubSub.

I've been pleased to see that the relaunch of Structured Blogging has been almost universally well received. However, I'm very puzzled by a number of folk who seem to be trying to find some kind of competition between Structured Blogging and "microformats." The reality is that Structured Blogging is a thing you do and is independent of formats. On the other hand, "microformats" is, as it's name implies, simply one of many approachs to defining the under-the-covers formats that are used by people who are doing Structured Blogging. The two concepts are orthogonal. They don't compete. They can't compete. Verbs don't compete with nouns.
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