Sunday, October 9, 2005


Alright! Tristan Louis has an interesting analysis of blog valuation based on the AOL acquisition of Weblogs Inc:

Many in the blogosphere say that traffic is not a good measure of what blogs are but that conversation, as represented by links and indexes like Technorati, represent a more accurate view of the value of a blog. As a result, I decided to look at how may sites were linking to sites in the WeblogInc empire. Jason and Brian have been doing a great job at building a stable of blogs but it seems a large portion of their success comes from a single blog. Let's dig into the numbers. (full post)

Nathan at Inside Google rans some numbers for some other blogs:

InsideGoogle: $1,231,776
InsideMicrosoft: $369,420
Google Blogoscoped: $3,223,260
Scoble: $6,990,780
Steve Rubel: $4,290,348
Search Engine Watch blog: $4,086,180

But it seems Nathan used "total inbound links" versus "number of sites linked to," which creates a higher valuation if you use the former. Louis used the latter is his calculations... unless I missed something while skimming through his post. Anyway, Junto Boyz with 1,343 inbound links listed in Technorati would be valued at $758,311.52, but with 342 sites linked to this blog it would be valued at $193,106.88. I'll take the former valuation method:)

With some of that money, I would buy a party pan of Buffalo Joe's wings (best buffalo wings period. seriously) and two dozen Krispy Kreme donuts everyday for the next decade, and gain 35 pounds and make my dream of being over 250 lbs... just kidding, Christine.

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