Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Jesse Taylor has a post at AlwaysOn about our company. Jesse's company, Netmodular, provides the current social networking tool for AlwaysOn. We're building our own for the GoingOn platform, where the AlwaysOn site will be transferred to in a few months. Here's his post and I think he might have taken my line ("cat is out of the bag") from my prior post about GoingOn, and he's definitely promoting his new word, "Blogworking":

Finally, the cat is out of the bag. This fall, one of the pioneers of blogging and social networking, Tony Perkins will release his latest media concept, and it just might be another hit.

Back in 2002, people said that you could not build true editorial content around a group weblog because it would rapidly grow out of control, it would inevitably turn into what some just refer to as a mob-blog. A place where inflammatory remarks and personal attacks are commonplace, and relevant content is often left buried.

Flying in the face of such evidence, Perkins founded AlwaysOn with just such a goal, to create a blogging community centered quality editorial content.

Perkins learned from the mistakes of others and quickly combined his blogging with social networking features. Features that promoted positive, like-minded activity and article content that would rival his own editorial staff. By creating quality editorial content and infusing it with compelling style and branding, Perkins created a shared weblog which acted like an online magazine.
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