Monday, July 18, 2005

Cat Is Out Of The Bag... GoingOn Networks, Our Startup

Okay. Matt Marshall let the cat out of the bag. This is the startup I've been referring to since January here. Tony brought me on board last January and it's been a fun ride so far... writing the business plan, creating the financials, watching Tony raise the money (definitely glad that's not my role for this startup), working on product specs, etc.

Since then we've been working to implement the meshed vision of Marc's and Tony's digital world, which Marc posts about today here. Valerie, who also works with IBDNetwork and blogs at their Under the Radar blog andThe Dealmaker blog, came on board at the end of March (part-time basis... she's hasn't ditched her clients) and we're working on recruiting a couple more people that I believe will join soon :) Carl is Marc's colleague at BroadBand Mechanics and our engineering chief (marc and carl are our advisors and technical consultants). He's our techy stud along with Gaurav and his team. Anyway, we're building out a solid team (that's brilliant, cool and fun to work with) and I'm definitely looking forward to helping this company become kick ass in our operations, products, and revenues.

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