Friday, August 12, 2005


How many times have you seen this from Technorati over the past few weeks?

We couldn't complete your search because we're experiencing a high volume of requests right now. Please try again in a minute or two. We're working hard to make our search results better. Thanks for your patience.

How many times has your tags on Technorati not shown up for days or weeks? They really didn't make their system scalable. Out of frustration I've been checking out other search sites, such as Feedster, which I've used often before, BlogPulse, and PubSub. Also you definitely know Yahoo!, Microsoft, and maybe Google are going to move into this space. How hard is it for a team of engineers at Google to whip up a scalable, blog search engine? It will be a slow death for some of these players, but soon we will be reminded of such names as Excite, Lycos, Magellan, and WebCrawler (initially use this one all the time).

UPDATE: While using BlogPulse, I came across this rumor that Technorati was in buyout talks. Hmmm... I wondering who? The blog that I linked to has everyone guessing. Well, if it's sold, the timing is excellent. Good luck, Dave! (And I hope you're not annoyed that I was frustrated with your product.)

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