Friday, August 12, 2005


This week was a bit hectic. Carl and I were running around to various meetings visiting potential technology and service partners. Reminds me very much when I use to run around with my friend and former colleague, Peter, signing up strategic partners for our first startup, ViewPlus. Peter would cover the technical side and I would cover the business side. We were pitching our prototype in the same manner that Carl and I are presenting our vaporware. It's only been a few weeks, so it will take a little more time before we're completely in sync and rhythm with each other.

Carl is also a tech stud like Peter. He's been CTO of a few companies and led the development for very large, robust systems, which is a perfect fit for GoingOn. He's best known for leading the build of Charles Schwab's online investing system, and was featured on CNN and on the cover of Internet Week for his work there.

Early this week, I met Ashish Kumar, a co-founder of Tekriti Software, who is one of the lead developers for GoingOn Networks. He flew in for the Open Source Convention and to meet up with Marc, Carl, Phil Pearson, and our team. Gaurav Bhatnagar, who I met a couple months ago, is another co-founder of Tekriti, and both of them came out of Microsoft and went back to India to establish their new development shop. I didn't meet the third co-founder, Manish Dhingra, yet. I definitely have full confidence in their skills to implement our vision, desired functions, and hundreds of wish list items.:)

Ashish and Phil were really nice and easy to talk with. Phil is part of Marc's shop, BroadBand Mechanics, and flew in from New Zealand for another project. Anyway, so Ashish and Gaurav's team is doing the development of GoingOn's platform while Carl is the high-level CTO managing the project and deliverables. Marc is the lead architect pushing his vision and meshing into Tony's vision for this new blogging & communications platform while Valerie and I deal with some of the details, functions, and processes our users will encounter and hopefully enjoy. Anyway, it was a fun and fruitful week meeting with everyone and digging down into the details of our product spec. It was also great to meet Ashish and Phil since they live on the other side of the globe, and I don't know how often we will see them. The platform is going to be a solid, robust high-performance platform... and very cool too.

Actually, if you're a corporate marketing person, online publication geek, or part of a company seeking out a solution, email me at bernard.moon@gmail and I'll put you on our beta list.

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