Saturday, July 23, 2005


A good amount of buzz about the Innovation Summit. Steve Gillmor has a great post on it:

Tony Perkins is hitting his stride. I wasn't around for most of the bubble, woodshedding as I was in Charleston and commuting to Palo Alto for the XML run-up. Now the traffic is back, the VCs are swarming here at the AlwaysOn conference on the Stanford campus, and Tony Perkins is working his magic.
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More from:
-Skype's blog, Share Skype, has a post on the first public test of their video service at the AO Summit 2005 here.
-William Luciw has an overview of the AO Summit here.
-TechCrunch (Day Two) and (Day Three).
-John Furrier's has an interview with Mark Cuban.
-Barney Pell on Mark Cuban's session.
-Renee Blodgett has several posts, such as one on the "Dislocation of Media and Entertainment" seminar and one on the "Tapping Into the Blogosphere" seminar.
-Lewis PR's blog has a post by Morgan McLintic on the "Tapping Into the Blogosphere" seminar.
-ZDNet's Dan Farber has good commentary on the "Is technology making us safer?" seminar, which I posted about below.
-Christopher Carfi has a post on the chat wall here and others at his blog.
-Denise Howell has some nice comments about the here and more at her blog.
-Ross Mayfield has a nice wrap-up here.

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