Saturday, July 23, 2005


Matt Marshall put up a post on our startup Friday with some information on our seed investor, Daniel. I believe his company, TRADEX, was DFJ's greatest return on investment when it was sold to Ariba a few years ago. Daniel has been a great seed investor and enjoyable to work with.

Marshall also had some incorrect ideas about our service and targeted market. We're focused on the corporate market and will not be a online social scene or dating service. Also we don't really overlap with Linkedin, MySpace, etc. Anyway, Marc has a response here. Matt's article that's a polished version of his post at SiliconBeat is here... the title is great, "GoingOn aims to be social `network of networks'," except the "social" part in it.

Dana Blankenhorn has some more thoughts here.

JD has more with some key notes and comments:

Said Perkins: "We think what makes great communities is content."

Yes, Tony, yes!

More Tony Perkins: "The world is breaking into millions of little media brands. A couple of years ago there was a fear that all roads lead to Rupert Murdoch. ... Individuals now have to think of themselves as media brands, because IBM is not to going to promise to employ you for the rest of your life. ... The media world is where the music world was six years ago. ... The customer always gets what he wants. ... I believe the media world will ultimately succumb to open media and allow for more participation."

Venture capitalists tend to see spaces like social networks as a horse race with a maximum of three winners in the end, Perkins said. The GoingOn gang offers a different vision: The most effective social groups will have no more than 100 to 200 people. So GoingOn will be a network of networks. Added Perkins: "It's not about closed silos. If you want to have it reflect our lives, you need thousands or millions of these things with 200 members each."

Tony's got the religion. Seriously.

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