Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Dana Blankenhorn has more on GoingOn here and corrects some things he initially wrote over at his Corante column. This was a response to Marc Canter's post that made corrections in Dana's first post:

3. We didn't just release GoingOn. We just announced it. Dana is an old enough of a hand to know there's a big difference. Tony has this yearly conference so it was apropos for us to use that as a vehicle for getting the word out - but we'll be silent until we can put up - which will probably (hopefully) by in about 3-4 months.

4. We appreciate having our social network compared to MySpace - but that's where it should end. We're not throwing raves, encouraging mating or in any way focused on teeny boppers or 'young people'. We're focused on business - small, large, corporations or independents - who need to communicate, market, sell and in general - act like adults.

5. And while we're on the subject of SNS - GoingOn is not just that. Social networking is a feature. It's about putting people into context. Just like CD ROMs, web access or (shudder) multimedia. I call this new category of products - DLAs (digital lifestyle aggregators.) Integration, aggregation and customization is at the core of these new kind of products. And in addition to social networking, there's personal publishing (pushing into the realm of micro-content publishing), communication, mobile and media. ALL of these aspects together make up DLAs. All sitting on top of open standards.

6. It's great that Dana got it right about GoingOn being an Identity Hub. It's not ONLY an Identity Hub - but at least he got it right that we use Sxip - and other ID systems - to interconnect one's various digital IDs tgoether (which are currently scattered throughout the web.) By combining all these 'digital presenses' together, we can provide whole new kinds of experiences and tools to end-users. Compelling experiences and useful, handy functionality is what it's all about. So this is not a correction as much as a slight adjustment. In addition to being a Digital ID Hub, we're also a micro-content publishing system, a meta-network and a kick-ass new tool! [Shhhhh: don't let anybody know that we're a new kind of tool - then we'll start getting comapred to Macromedia/Adobe!]
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