Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Rich, the AlwaysOn editor, decided to put my piece a day early. I interviewed Blake Ross, co-creator of Firefox (my standard web browser), a few weeks back and enjoy meeting this tech prodigy and young entrepreneur. It will be interesting when he reveals what product he's developing as his startup comes out of stealth mode. Anyway, check out my article:

When Good Enough Isn't
Firefox co-creator Blake Ross talks about what inspired his browser's invention and what drives its success.

A few months ago I met Firefox co-creator and Stanford University undergrad Blake Ross at a Churchill Club event. In asking him for an interview, I told him that I write for AlwaysOn, a website and "blogozine" created by the person who founded the Churchill Club and Red Herring. This information was met with a blank stare from Mr. Ross, who told me he'd never heard of Red Herring. Suddenly, I realized how young he was and how middle-aged I've become.

Despite this awkward start, Mr. Ross agreed to the interview, and we met a couple weeks ago at a Palo Alto, Calif., coffee house so that I could get to know this tech prodigy and potential serial entrepreneur. Not surprisingly, he seemed bright, grounded, and with a clear vision for his near future. More surprisingly, he seemed not at all caught up in the hype surrounding him. (full article)

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