Thursday, May 12, 2005

RIDICULOUS story about a man who attacks a group of cops with his vehicle, gets shot FOUR times, survives, and somehow, the police are to blame for everything.

Compton Residents Outraged Over shooting

So a man runs from the cops into Compton, then attacks them with his truck. The police try to stop him but keep him alive, and now the police are to blame. Please explain this logic to me.

Yes, there were a 120 rounds that were fired, but that's from 10 different officers with pistols that carry 15 rounds per magazine. It's not as if it was 2 guys shooting-reloading-shooting again-reloading again and later went to the back of their squad car, got some more ammo, and continued. The writer quotes a resident who laments why situations like this keep happing in her community. She then continues by acusing the police officers of wrongdoing. The only "wrong". if anything, is those cops should hit the range a bit and work on their accuracy. If someone was attacking me with his SUV, I'd expend all my rounds too, and he would've gotten hit more than 4 times, I guarantee that.

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