Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Bernard has been gracious enough to allow me to be the guest blogger for the next few weeks while he is on hiatus for his marriage. I wish him and his fiance a long and happy marriage. May God bless him and his new wife with many years of bliss.

On to me:
  • Age: 24
  • Gender: male
  • Astrological Sign: Orca
  • Zodiac Year:: Cockatoo
  • Industry: Business Consulting
  • Location: Austin : Texas : United States

  • I AM a young entrepenueur who doesn't know how to spell entrepreneur. I am a former US Marine, Forward Observer Scout. I am a fiscal conservative: social liberal. I grew up Southern Baptist, now following the Presbyterian Church of America theology, and have not been baptized. I am for the Iraq War, Privatization of Social Security, and legally smoking doobies at home. I am against the death penalty, abortion, and marriage involving two ding dongs (a.k.a. who whos', tally wackers, mandingos, etc.). I smoke cigars, drink fine scotch, walk and talk like an aristocrat, and love Miller High Life... Light. I am a huge Dodgers fan. Favorite foods include, Good Pizza, Good Sushi, and Bad Burritos. During my younger, whipper snapper days, I played football, baseball, and Lacrosse at the collegiate level.

    I originated from the Los Angeles area, went to school in Orange County, and now reside in Austin, Texas as a business consultant. I have owned a small business and supported my family for seven years, and am now, living the extremely scary life period called, alone and on my own.

    I appreciate your comments and I thank you for tolerating my Dumas inspired stories, links, and rants. God Bless.

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