Tuesday, April 26, 2005


HatTip to Mingi. A few days old especially for those in Korea, but interesting enough to post late.

No surprise here. DJ, one of Korea's modern freedom fighters, turned out to be no better of a person as his presidency revealed his unethical behavior, tendency to support his followers instead of the most qualified, blind loyalty to his regional home of Cholla, and self-centeredness (i.e. Nobel Peace Prize campaign and payouts to North Korea for "historic" summit).

Mingi's note:

SBS, a major South Korean TV network, reported a story about former South Korean president Kim Dae Jung's hidden daughter. Apparently, Kim's efforts to hide the existence of his 30-something-year old daughter led to the "Jin Seung Hyun Gate" of 2000 and the expulsion of a South Korean weapons vendor, not to mention the suicide of Kim's former mistress and mother of the mystery daughter.

If you understand Korean, here's the link to the one-hour documentary. It's definitely worth watching.

'Ex-President Kim DJ Has Hidden Daughter'

Former President Kim Dae-jung has been found to have a hidden daughter, the Seoul-based commercial broadcaster SBS-TV alleged on Monday.

SBS said that producers of its investigative reporting program, "News Chujeok (Chase)," have succeeded in interviewing a South Korean woman claiming to be the daughter of former President Kim.

The broadcaster said the News Chujeok program featuring the interview with Kim’s alleged daughter is scheduled to go on the air at 8:55 p.m. on Tuesday.

Kim, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, is known to have only three sons, with the eldest Hong-il and the second Hong-up born of his first wife, who died of a disease in the 1960s, and the youngest, Hong-gol, born of his current wife, Lee Hee-ho.

Disclosing the existence of Kim’s daughter, SBS insisted that her mother killed herself in June 2000 for unknown reasons.

Tuesday's News Chujeok program will feature footage of the self-claimed daughter attempting to visit the former president and allegations of Hong-il having offered hush money to her, an SBS official said. (full article)

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