Tuesday, December 7, 2004


Good Michael Powell interview by Larry Lessig.

Not too long ago, the US led the world in broadband penetration. Now it's thirteenth. So what happened? According to Michael Powell, the US is a victim of its own success.

Mr. Chairman, there’s much in what you’ve done which I want to praise, in particular your broadband policy and your spectrum policy. But let’s start with a framing economic question. In 2000, when this administration began, we were probably one or two in broadband penetration. OECD estimated last year that we were number ten. The latest statistics say that we’re number thirteen. So what’s happened in the last four years that this place where the internet really started and took off seems to be falling behind so quickly?

Powell: I think this situation should be unacceptable to us. Fortunately, I think we’re beginning to have some success in making our national leadership understand that this is something they should care about. This is something that will impact and control the economic prosperity of our society in the Information Age. It should be debated in the halls of Congress. It's that critical. (full interview)

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