Thursday, November 18, 2004


I just watched "The Apprentice" tonight, but I'm not going to do an analysis like last month. It was a good show tonight since Trump did something different and fired both Wes and Maria. I agree with the move since both deserved to go for different reasons. Wes just did not know how to lead the group. He showed weak leadership skills in not being able to plan their project effectively and reel in Maria when needed. Maria was just a loose cannon that was destructive to the team chemistry and the outcome of the project. Definitely control freak in the worse possible way. If you're going to be a control freak, but excellent in what you do it's sometimes forgivable. Who talks to his/her colleagues or team members like they were little kids? Telling Wes to "back off" and Sandy to leave the room with the designer? What purpose did that serve in telling Sandy to leave? Why was she being territorial? Did she want to take all the credit for the design of the catalog along with the photoshoot? Obviously, she didn't make many friends in her prior jobs.

Speaking of taking credit, Jennifer annoyed me when she took credit, or didn't give credit, to Ivana during their presentation to the Levi executives. Ivana was clearly the one who generated the spin wheel idea, so when the executive asked how the idea came about Jennifer should have at least acknowledged Ivana before moving on to hear herself talk. Giving credit is a basic building block of team chemistry and trust, and she lost all credibility with me. She was being petty and delusional in thinking Ivana and Kevin were "out to get her." Please. She was just embarrassed because she could not grasp the simple concept of making a spin wheel to present Levi's product line.

You're dumb, Jennifer, or very close to the definition, and I don't care if you went to Princeton and Harvard Law. Also I don't know why people think your hot. You're pretty "plain jane" to me. (Yeah, I was annoyed during the show and venting now.)

Jennifer is mainly style and no substance. She proved herself again to be poised and a solid presenter, which led to the deception that she was the best performer in the group to the Levi executive. If it were possible, Jennifer should have been fired along with Maria and Wes. I would probably have ordered it Maria, Jennifer, and Wes.

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