Monday, July 19, 2004


Tonight I had dinner with my friend, Deborah, who is coming out with a book about why people should or should not become attorneys. I forgot the title but it targets three segments of people: pre-law (considering law school), current law students considering career paths, and current attorneys. She begins her book promotional tour in a couple months, so I'll be posting her Amazon link later on.

Deborah and I shared the bond of going through the Coro Fellowship in 1995-1996. It was an intense leadership training program where we worked 70-100 hour weeks and enjoyed it... well, most of it. Anyway, here's picture from our week in D.C. where we got to meet, interview, and listen to the leaders of the free world at that time... Clinton, Gore, Reno, Albright, Strobe Talbott, etc.


During our interview with Secretary Albright, I think I annoyed her with my probing questions about their policies in Bosnia at the time

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