Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Rod Blagojevich Is An Idiot... Brainfarts of the U.S. Political Process

My brother sent me this clip from MSNBC News today (pasted below). This just verifies what I knew all along that Governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois is an idiot. I knew this straight out of college when I was working as a legislative liaison for Governor Jim Edgar (basically a peon lobbyist). Sitting in legislative sessions and committee meetings, every time Blagojevich would open his mouth I would cringe. Almost everyone would cringe. Republicans, Democrats, lobbyists, the stenographer in the committee room, people testifying, people touring, little children visiting with their parents... they all knew. It was hilarious because all kidding aside even his fellow Democrats would begin rolling their eyes as soon as he opened his mouth.

Verbal vomit came out of his mouth. Just something so stupid or so self-aggrandizing that you had to either look out the window for birds flying by to stimulate your brain more, cover your eyes to protect yourself from the stupidity seeping into your skull by osmosis, or you would simply rub yourself since you felt so dirty listening to such an ego-maniac and warped evilness.

A couple years ago, since I'm sometimes detached from news back home, I was in complete shock when I found out that he became governor of Illinois. It was worse than Dr. Brown, from Back to the Future, not believing that Ronald Reagan became President of the United States in the future. For me, it was more like hearing that Yogi Berra (or Bear... almost same thing) became president. Unbelievable! And Dems know Blagojevich can't even hang with our G.W. Bush. Honestly, just read below.

Trash Talk
by Michael Ventre

Until recently I believed that we in the state of California possessed -- by a wide margin -- the most imbecilic political figures in the country, after claiming the title from Minnesota after the Jesse Ventura era passed. But suddenly, an exciting new candidate has emerged.

The governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, wanting like all politicians to somehow exploit the passions of local sports fans for his own personal gain, came out and ripped Steve Bartman, the fan in the middle of the foul-ball controversy during the NLCS. Said Blagojevich: "If he commits a crime, he won't get a pardon from this governor. You've got to be looking out for your team."

He could be kidding, or he could just be clueless. Either way, it is incumbent upon the incumbent to use better judgment in a situation where the lunatic fringe of Cub Nation is angry and out for blood. This poor guy Bartman did what most people would do -- try to grab a foul ball that was hit in the stands -- and crazies looking for somebody to blame have decided to make his life hell.

Nitwits and dirtbags with nothing better to do with their miserable lives I can understand. But the governor of Illinois? I expect him to lead by example and to use better sense.

Hey Gov, does the word "recall" mean anything to you?

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