Monday, June 9, 2003

Human Potential, Personal Achievements, Body Weight,...

The quote I posted this week reveals how Charles H. Duell in 1899 mistakenly stated that "everything that can be invented has been invented", and proves that human ingenuity and innovation cannot be limited or ignored. From his unique position as the head of the governing body that approves inventions and innovations, he could not foresee the unlimited potential that science, the search for truth in our universe, and a bunch of bored couch potatoes would provide and add millions of more patents during the following century.

This past week I had a very similar experience to Mr. Duell, so I cannot easily write him off as being foolish or losing his common sense. Overall, it was a very lazy week for me since I got back from the U.S. No blogging, no project work, no partying,... just seeing a few friends, reading, watching TV, and playing Starcraft. Finally, on the third day, I went to work out. At the health club, I stepped on the scale and to my amazement I gained 7 lbs. or about 3 kgs.

This might not seem like a big deal, but you have to understand that I honestly thought the physical limit of my body weight was 220lbs, or 100 kgs. At my age and with my eating habits, I just didn't think that I could gain any more weight. I was stunned. I stood in front of the weight scale and stepped back on to make sure. Now I was pushing 230 lbs. From my unique position of being myself, I underestimated the potential that grease, the search for the best Italian beef, and multiple pizza puffs would add to my body during my month long trip in the U.S.

In response, I increased my average cardio workout from 25 minutes to 35-40 minutes, cut down on my carbo intake, and played soccer and basketball throughout the weekend. By today, I lost about 4 lbs. and hopefully I can continue and get down under 220 lbs.

This was definitely a lesson in life from me. Though I know not to underestimate the human spirit, the capabilities of anyone, and the effects of random chance, I've really learned not to ignore the unlimited potential of my body.