Monday, September 14, 2009, A Job Site for Stay-At-Home Parents is a recently launched job site for stay-at-home parents. It's primarily targeting former professional mothers that are seeking flexible, part-time jobs. One statistic they cite is that 43% of women with MBAs are not currently in the workforce, so there seems to be an untapped talent pool for companies.

It was founded by Sherry Moss and Kevin Cain. Sherry is the Director of Full-time MBA Program and Associate Professor of Organizational Studies at Wake Forest University and Kevin is a former student of hers.

Currently, to post a job on their site there is no charge and they plan to always keep it free for non-profit organizations. Since the site is new, there are only 82 job listings as of today. I like the direction of, but they definitely need to increase the volume of job postings.

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