Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ode to McDonald's

When I see those golden arches, driving down the street
I can’t help but imagine, that tender precious meat.
No Chophouse, Morton’s or other Chicago fare
But something about McDonald’s that makes its meat so rare.

Through decades of labor, toil and sweat,
Taste tests and trials that made their sandwiches so well kept.
This pursuit of perfection is what I admire most,
And allows McDonalds make their billions and billions boast.

Their cheeseburger is so simple yet delicious,
Their Filet-o-Fish so juicy and divine,
It’s amazing the delicate balance of flavors,
That each achieved to make them so refined.

Their breakfast burrito is a feat of magic
The perfect blend of egg, sausage and cheese.
It is amazing when I taste and chew it,
A rare moment when I’m fully pleased.

Woe to Morgan Spurlock for his film of lies,
I’ve eaten at Mickey D’s for days straight,
Countless meals of burgers, Coke, and fries,
And nothing expediated my final date.

My one gripe I have is the random McRib,
Why do you tease us king of fast food nation?
Please just place it on your regular menu,
Then I will be in complete and utter elation.

(yeah another random food poem like my "Ode To Bacon" several years ago, which got me an invite to the Jimmy Kimmel Show)

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