Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bernie Sanders Tax Rate of 13.5% is Amusing and Hypocritical

Sanders had a tax rate of 13.5% and gave 4% to charity (other sources read too). I'm a sucker because I pay far over 40%. He's amusing and hypocritical.

First, he didn't even pay his "fair share" that he so deeply criticizes America's corporations and "rich people" about. Second, if you're going to game the tax system like the corporates you criticize, at least give more than those crazies on the Right (Red states always give more than Blue states) on the backend to the poor you so deeply care about. 10% is a minimum number, Sanders, to shoot for to be generous not act generous.

Clinton's tax rate was 35.7% and Trump gave 0% to charity, so again Sanders trails closely to Trump in those negative character traits. It's always hard to give to charities and those less fortunate and always easier to talk a lot. A mouth is easier to open than one's heart and wallet, but Sanders should lead by example before asking so much of our citizens and nation.

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