Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Democrats are the "Kitty Genovese" Party, Syria is a Repeat of Rwanda

Obama and other Democrats' responses comes too late and doesn't think about how to deal with the source. President Bush warned in 2007 if we pull out to early in Iraq that a group like ISIS would form.

There have been over 250,000 deaths in Syria's civil war, which created over 4 million refugees, but most of the focus and rhetoric from Democrats has been on the refugees. It's like looking at a break in dam and only dealing with the flood waters, and not trying to fix the leak. "Hey, let's build levees to contain the waters... and shelters for the people who had their homes destroyed..."
This is the "Kitty Genovese" Party that doesn't want to help others and just watch from a distance. The simplistic rhetoric is that "Republicans love wars!" No, we hate standing by and doing nothing when we could have. Are lives 5,000 miles away less important? Syria is Rwanda and Bosnia put on repeat. Over 800,000 people died in Rwanda's civil war and Bosnia had over 90,000 deaths. Both situations Republicans demanded intervention.

Years later, Secretary Madeleine Albright's greatest regret? Not intervening and doing more in Rwanda. I'm sure we will hear the same recording again in 10 years about Syria.

"National Security Experts React to President Obama’s Speech on ISIS" New Republic

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