Thursday, November 5, 2015

Let's Be Frank. Voter ID Cards Reveal Fraud, They Don't Suppress Voting. Look at India and Others.

Good article here: "How Democrats Suppress The Vote" FiveThirtyEight Politics

And let's call the BS out on the Democratic Party. They don't really want "universal participation" so are opposed to voter ID cards, but want to continue voter fraud. Unions have been stuffing ballot boxes since the 60s and driving illegal immigrants to vote.

Voter ID cards are not a big deal. If India, a country with over one billion people, implement it without any claims of voter suppression and many other countries do, the U.S. can do it. Why all the false rhetoric? Are voter ID cards really suppressive or are they revealing fraud? If you aren't hiding anything, then why are they afraid of such a layer of validation?

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