Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ed Weiland's NBA Draft Analysis of Jeremy Lin from 2010

Great analysis by Ed Weiland from two years ago. I'm still surprised that Lin didn't get more looks after winning the CA State Championship. I'm guessing the scouts wrote off the win as a fluke because most state champs would get at least a couple offers from a major conference.

"The best candidate to pull off such a surprise might be Harvard’s Jeremy Lin. The reason is two numbers Lin posted, 2-point FG pct and RSB40. Lin was at .598 and 9.7. This is impressive on both counts. These numbers show NBA athleticism better than any other, because a high score in both shows dominance at the college level on both ends of the court. Here is a list of recent college PGs who topped .540 and 9.0..."

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