Monday, November 7, 2011

Fok Diet? Make me Okinawan!

HatTip to R Kwon. Derived from "The China Study" and promoting plant-based diets. I met a researcher a few years ago who studied the diets of Okinawans, which has the highest average life expectancy and highest number of centenarians per capita. He was saying that it was their diet of vegetables, seafood and steamed/boiled pork that was a major factor in their longevity.

Also the life expectancy of China is 73 years (80th in the world) vs. U.S. is 78.3 years (36th) vs. Japan is 82.6 (1st) vs. Okinawans probably 90.3 years. I know other factors affect China's numbers, but looking at a diet of green stalks, roots & beans vs. scallops, shrimp, steamed pork belly & Japanese greens has me thinking, "Make me Okinawan!"

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