Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Should Have Listened to My Wife, Don't Tell Jokes at DEMO

Christine, my wife, was my presentation coach for the DEMO Conference and was awesome. Improved my speech and Vidquik's presentation by 300% and I welcomed 90% of her feedback. Part of the 10% I rejected was not to tell my joke. She repeated her warning and got annoyed when I didn't say, "Yes." On stage, during the time while I waited for Jason and Jae to connect on our service, I said:

"During our alpha, since we don't require login or registration, we were very popular among political dissidents across the globe. Especially in China, Libya, and North Korea."

Approximately 500 attendees present and about 10 people laughed. One cricket would have been louder in that big ballroom. I also heard a big whooshing sound flying over the audience's heads. But we did get a few investors and partnership leads since they really liked my joke :)

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