Friday, August 12, 2011

Vidquik Launching at DEMO! Sept.12th-14th

I'm pretty excited to post that we’re launching our beta at DEMO! They had over 1,000 companies apply for this session and accepted approximately 5%. Our team believed DEMO was the best fit for Vidquik since the conference is owned by IDG whose publications (200 magazines and newspapers and 460 websites including Computer World, Mac World, and PC World) include our target markets of SMBs and tech influencers within corporate walls. Also DEMO has a rich history of companies such as Palm, Tivo, ETrade,, and others launching at the conference. We were aware of the criticism of DEMO, but some of that is hype by competitors (i.e. they don't make you buy extra tickets) and our team thought the benefits outweighed the negatives, which is primarily cost vs. other launch conferences. Now instead of launching our beta at the end of August, it will be pushed back to September 12th-14th. See you then!

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