Monday, July 11, 2011

Google+ is the Twofer of the Social Web

There's been so much buzz and analysis of Google+ it's been amazing (including my own:). What's also been interesting is the early movement of some tech celebrities, such as Kevin Rose, to replace some of their current online nesting grounds with Google+. For Rose, it was his blog. For others, it was or will be their Twitter or Facebook accounts. As Google+ builds its user base and features, it can replace one or more of a person's social media habits, so I'm calling Google+ the "Twofer of the Social Web".

It's a twofer for various reasons. Google+ has created a two-prong attack on Facebook and Twitter. It allows for people to replace at least two of their social media hubs with one site saving time and energy. For me, I don't think I'll replace my blog with it, but if a significant number of my Facebook friends transfer over I will move my personal social network to Google+. My Twitter account is another possibility. My Linkedin network and utility? Maybe.

What about you? What do the early adopters of Google+ see this as a replacement for?

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