Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ark, Internet for Good

Just came across this new service, Ark. I don't know anyone there or have any affiliation. I like their concept and promotional video. Hope they kickass. Info from their site:

Ark is the online personal fundraising solution for everyone! We at Ark understand that many of us do not have enough time or money to support the causes we care deeply about. That is why we created Ark, to give everyone a chance to donate with no investment of extra time or money required.

Whether you know it or not many of the activities you perform on the Internet every day generate a great deal of money for the websites you are using. Ark's technology and partnerships allow you to continue using these same websites in exactly the same ways, but give you the power to direct a substantial portion of the revenue that you generate to whatever cause, charity, or school that you want to support. This is Ark, your Internet for good™.

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