Friday, May 20, 2011

What is the Math Gender Stereotype Doing to Silicon Valley Innovation?

My article over at ReadWriteWeb is up. I think I've owed a piece to Marshall Kirkpatrick for over a year now. Of course my excuse is having two year old twin girls. My extra time originally allocated to my other passions, such as writing, have fallen to the backseat. Anyway, check it out... share it, tweet it, and Facebook it!

What is the Math Gender Stereotype Doing to Silicon Valley Innovation?

I recently came across University of Wisconsin professor Janet Hyde's research into the gender differences in math performance, which I found fascinating especially since my wife's desire is for our two-year-old twin girls to become software engineers. I decided to contact Hyde and follow up with questions that I thought were relevant to the greater community of startup entrepreneurs and engineers. I appreciated her efforts and insights into a quiet issue that I believe has a huge effect on our nation's innovation engine and economic growth.

Moon: How did you first become interested in exploring the stereotype that girls had less mathematical abilities than boys?

Hyde: Back in the 1980s, I was having lunch at a convention with a woman who is a faculty member at UC Berkeley. We started talking about the stereotype and then we confessed our SAT-Math scores to each other. One of us had an 800 and the other a 780! We instantly began to question the stereotype and think that we should collect good data to test it... (full article)

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