Thursday, May 26, 2011

News & Links List

"4 Things The U.S. Can Learn From Innovative Foreign Countries" Fast Company

"10 fascinating Facebook facts -- and what they say about us" CNNTech

"How LinkedIn first raised money (and endured rejection)" Fortune

"Absolute Must Watch: Office Hours With Paul Graham At TC Disrupt" TechCrunch

"David Lee and Ron Conway Bust Entrepreneur Myths on Stage at Disrupt" TechCrunch
SV Angel TC Disrupt Slides v6

"Internet Guru: Google Evangelist Vint Cerf" Forbes, Rich Karlgaard

"Wireless startups: FierceWireless' Fierce 15 - 2011" FierceWireless

"Android grabs 53% of global smartphone market share; iOS 50% of application revenues" Boy Genius Review

"Coming soon: make your phone your wallet" Official Google Blog

"Google Wants to Become Your Personal Finance Advisor" Mashable

"Seven Reasons Facebook Should Stay Home" Silicon Hutong

"Fast Cities 2011" Fast Company

"The Age of the Entrepreneur" London Business School

"EXPOSED: The Sleazy Tactics Brokerage Firms Are Using To Make Silicon Valley Employees Rich" Business Insider

"Gladwell on Innovation: Truths & Confusions: Part 2" Forbes

"50 reasons why Seoul is the world's greatest city
There's a reason Asian tourists have ranked Seoul as their favorite world city three years in a row. Actually, there are 50 of them"

"Fairfax teacher Sean Lanigan still suffering from false molestation allegations" The Washington Post

"Ex-teammate: I saw Lance Armstrong inject EPO" 60 Minutes

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