Tuesday, May 10, 2011

News & Links List

"For Silicon Valley Start-Ups, Funding Boom Is Lopsided" WSJ

"Join the IPO Party
Nearly 200 companies are getting ready to go public—the most since 2000. Plus, why VC's aren't funding B2B start-ups, and the rest of today's news."

"To Launch Your Business, Embrace Risk-Taking
By learning what makes veteran entrepreneurs adept risk-takers, aspiring starters-up can get closer to taking the leap"

"How Like.com Shut Down A Competitor–And Broke Up Its Funding Round" Forbes

"Android Passes iPhone as Most Desired Smartphone. Barely" GigaOm

"Army Picks Android to Power Its First Smartphone" WIRED

"Apple sues Samsung: a complete lawsuit analysis" This Is My Next

"Google Faces Antitrust Complaints in South Korea on Popularity of Android" Bloomberg

"Qik Bridges Android-iPhone Gap With Cross-Platform Video Chat" WIRED

"Video Chat on Your Android Phone" Google Mobile Blog

"AOL Launches “Incredibly Easy” Video Chat Service Internally; We Launch It Externally" TechCrunch

"So What Comes After Social Commerce?" GigaOm

"Warren Adams: Searching for profits and saving Patagonia" Fortune

"Capitalism is failing the middle class" Reuters, Chrystia Freelend

"We're #1 -- Ten Depressing Ways America Is Exceptional" AlterNet

"More Than 1 Billion People Are Hungry in the World
But what if the experts are wrong?"
Foreign Policy

"Korean robot fundraiser takes to the streets in search of donations" Springwise

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