Wednesday, March 23, 2011

News & Links List

"In AT&T & T-Mobile Merger, Everybody Loses" GigaOm

"Amazon’s Android App Store Launches: Test Drive Apps Directly From Your Browser" TechCrunch

"iPhone vs. Android – 45,000 Tests Prove Whose Embedded Browser is Faster" Blaze

"Groupon Client Goes Public With Beef at SXSW, Staffers Scramble" Fast Company

"Facebook Will Introduce New Service That Sells Discount Deals" Bloomberg

"Start-Ups Are in a Rush to Bring the Chat Room to the Smartphone" NYTimes

"How Facebook is Killing Your Authenticity" Steve's Blog

"Google fires a shot at Foursquare with check-in rewards and titles" The Next Web

"Apple's Jobs Razzes Chip Partner Samsung" BusinessWeek

"What has Twitter become?
Restricting developers undermines the ecology that made Twitter valuable."

"American Expat Helps Hong Kong Startups Find Footing" Fast Company

"The most modern browser there is: Internet Explorer 9 reviewed" Ars Technica

"San Francisco Doing Everything It Can To Drive Zynga And Twitter Away" TechCrunch

"Why Monogamy Matters" NYTimes

"Why This 'Secret Millionaire' Went Public
Entrepreneur Dani Johnson on the Bible, giving, and ABC's new reality show"
Christianity Today

"Obama to resume military commission trials at Gitmo" USAToday

"It's the Inequality, Stupid" Mother Jones

"Vivian Schiller bows out at NPR after rightwing sting brings embarrassment" Guardian

"Dearth of Candor From Japan’s Leadership" NYTimes

"Grant Hill’s Response to Jalen Rose" NYTimes

"More than 8,000 Libyans killed in revolt: rebel" Reuters

"Just a Bad, Bad Idea" Talking Points Memo

"Libya Intervention a Watershed for Obama's Foreign Policy" TIME

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