Friday, February 4, 2011

Staying with AT&T After Switching From the iPhone To Nexus S

Since I already commented on a couple blog posts at TechCrunch and All Things Digital on the new Verizon iPhone, I thought I should provide more detail here.

Two years ago, after switching from my Blackberry on Verizon Wireless to an iPhone on AT&T Wireless, I was dying to switch back to Verizon. It was a few months in and like many others I suffered from an infinite amount of dropped calls and missed calls that never showed up on my caller ID. Numerous stories where I would have full bars and my friend would have full bars on our iPhones and we still were dropped from our call. I bought a phone not a mobile device.

I would curse AT&T and assumed many things about their ineptitude. I also questioned how they built out their infrastructure. About six months ago, one of our daughters broke my iPhone, so I decided to change to a Galaxy S. I took out my iPhone SIM card and place it into the Galaxy S, so I continued using AT&T. A couple weeks later, she broke my Galaxy S so I switched to a Nexus One. This is where I realized that the dropped calls weren't solely AT&T fault. The dropped and missed calls came less frequently on my Nexus One.

Recently I upgraded to the Nexus S and one month in I haven't suffered from a dropped call so far. I was planning to switch from AT&T to Verizon within a couple weeks since my contract runs out, but now I decided to stay with AT&T. I don't have hard evidence, but logic would lead me to believe that it wasn't all AT&T's fault but something with the iPhone's design.

Since AT&T now sells Android models, they should really do a study on the number of dropped calls between the iPhone and a few of the Android models. They might be able to redeem much of their good will that they lost over the past few years with iPhone users.

Disclosure: My wife works on the Android team at Google. I have been a Apple user and fan since the days of the Apple IIe, many Aldus products and an early gamer on Apple computers. I love my MacBook Pro, iPod Touch and Time Capsule.

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