Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ate Spam Yesterday

My parents visited last week and took care of the girls while we were in Barcelona. Yesterday I found a can of Spam in our cupboard that they must of bought (Korea has the highest consumption of Spam after Hawaii). My eyes lit up. My stomach did some backflips.

Awesome. It's been years since I ate Spam (Spam and bacon in kimchi jigae kicks ass), so I fry it up and start eating it with rice as a snack (30 minutes before dinner). It immediately took me back to my childhood like the scene out of Ratatouille when Anton Ego (food critic) eats Remy's ratatouille.

Our twin girls see me in this zone and want to try it. Kendra tastes and passes. Kayla tastes it, chews and then asks for "more... this!". She had about 5 bites of Spam. I don't think Christine was too pleased that I was feeding our girls mystery meat.

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