Thursday, December 16, 2010

News & Links List

Yeah, it's a rare period where I've gone over a week without posting even a link or video. Sorry! Fundraising is a stressful activity, and similar to my view of NYC... I love it and hate it!

"TechCrunch Review: Google Nexus S" TechCrunch

"Introducing Nexus S with Gingerbread" Official Google Blog

"An Android Phone That Says ‘Google’" NYTimes, David Pogue

"Nexus S review" Engadget

"Google’s Nexus S CAN do mobile payments — SDK on its way soon" Near Field Communications World

"Where Should Mobile Developers Focus?" Fred Wilson

"Angry Birds On Android Projected To Generate $1 Million Per Month In Advertising" TechCrunch

"Live From Google’s Chrome Event: Chrome OS, Web Store, And More" TechCrunch

"Google's Groupon groping reveals the shifting power in the web world" Fortune

"Kevin Ryan: Here's Why Groupon Is Better Off Without Google" Business Insider

"Top 10 Android Apps" NYTimes

"Google Android phones biggest network hogs: study" Reuters

"The Network Computer Arrives…Finally!" GigaOm

"How Big Should We Let Google Get? Wrong Question" GigaOm

"WikiLeaks is a legal innovation, not a tech one" The Economist

"WikiLeaks’ Flawed Answer to a Flawed World" Project Syndicate, Esther Dyson

"Julian Assange, Information Anarchist
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange hopes to hobble the U.S. government."

"Josh Block's Response to 'WikiLeaks Documents Dump: Shocker or snoozer?'" Politico

"Amazon Pulls Plug on WikiLeaks" Fox News

"Rangel Censured Over Violations of Ethics Rules" NYTimes

"Joe Scarborough tells GOP to man up and confront Sarah Palin" Politico

"Madoff Firm Trustee Seeks $50 Billion as Clawback Window Closes" Bloomberg

"The Myths Behind Microfinance" Forbes

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