Wednesday, December 1, 2010

News & Links List

"Why Google Buying Groupon Is a Bad Idea" Forrester, Sucharita Mulpuru's Blog

"Google Gambit for Groupon Raises Concern" NYTimes's DealBook

"A Google deal to buy Groupon won't work..." ZDNet, Tom Foremski

"With Groupon, Google could go beyond engineers" CNET's The Social

"The Green Groupon Rush" EcoSpree

"Google Grows, and Works to Retain Nimble Minds" NYTimes

"Kinect is Selling 2X as Fast as the iPad" ReadWriteWeb

"The Seven Principles You Need to Know to Build a Great Social Product" TechCrunch, Gina Bianchini

"What Percentage of 2010 Seed Deals Won’t Raise The Next Round?" Brad Feld

"Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes officially launches Jumo, social network for social activism" LA Times

"Silicon Valley’s IPO Anxiety" Bill Gurley

"Who’s Really Innovative?" WSJ's Gary Hamel’s Management 2.0

"The Top 20 Blog Buyouts That Earned Their Founders Millions" Business Insider

"California's Destructive Green Jobs Lobby
Silicon Valley, once synonymous with productivity-enhancing innovation, is now looking to make money on feel-good government handouts."
WSJ, George Gilder

"Family’s Fall From Affluence Is Swift and Hard" NYTimes

"Why South Koreans think North Korean conflict won't escalate" Christian Science Monitor

"China Addresses Rising Korean Tensions" NYTimes

"U.S. Institute of Peace's John Park on North Korea" C-SPAN

"A New Chapter for Asian American Heritage in the NBA" Hyphen Magazine

"Have we found the universe that existed before the Big Bang?" io9

"King James wants Spoelstra to bow to him" Yahoo! Sports

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